Le Camp de la rivière

2017 – 2019

I am interested in citizens’ resistance and people who are fighting for a better world for all. “Think globally, act locally” is something that I try to incorporate into her practice by becoming involved with people who are already putting this into practice. Art can contribute to awakening to a certain extent. It can change mindsets and lead people to join forces and take action.

This project focuses on the Camp de la Rivière (Camp by the River), a camp occupied by citizens which is located on a logging road leading to the Junex oil exploration site in the Gaspé area (Quebec, Canada). This independent movement for re-appropriating the territory began in 2017 to demand a halt to drilling. The camp remains in place in order to inform the population of the risks of oil and gas exploration and development.

In both Canada and the United States, legislation is supportive of extractivism and the industry is heavily subsidized by public funding, which leads some citizens to organize in order to condemn the situation and to put forward alternative views.

The Camp de la Rivière activists are water conservationists and whistleblowers who are fighting for a cleaner, healthier environment and a fairer society; they are filling the gap left by governments that have let us down.

This body of works is an acknowledgement of these citizens’ commitment, solidarity and selflessness.

A body of work some forty medium format images